Salmon and Pepper Smoked Bacon Club Sandwich

If you love salmon, read on.  If you don’t give it another try in this tasty sandwich.  You may find out that smoked

Background:  I live on the Oregon coast in Newport, which is on the Pacific Ocean, where many species of salmon are caught.  Back in the 1970s there was so much salmon caught that prices were kept very low, so low that restaurants often would offer salmon on all-you-can-eat buffets.  Image that!  Eating all the salmon you wanted for a low, price.  By the mid to late 80’s, so much salmon was fished off the Oregon coast that salmon almost became an endangered species.  The state fishery department had to put a tight limit on how much could be caught, both commercially and by sports fisherman.  obviously the salmon industry took a nose dive.  After twenty years the fisheries are just now coming back up to an acceptable level.

Salmon is so a part of Oregon’s economy and eating it has been such an important part of my life, I thought that I would start by introducing you to the Salmon Club Sandwich (click here for the recipe).  This recipe is the first of many sandwiches I will include in my blog.  I suggest making them when you have guests over for lunch.  Serve it with tomato bisque soup, or a salad made of arugula and vegetables.  A bottle of Pinot Gris would go great.  The recipe calls for fresh salmon, however, smoked salmon is a great substitue.  My next post will talk about smoke salmon.


Grilled salmon filets

Salmon by the way, are high in protein, rich in vitamins,and Omega-3 oils.  According to the national salmon industry, a 3 ounce (150 gram) portion is rich in vitamin A, The B-group of vitamins (B12, B6, B1, B2), niacin, copper, folate, and selenium.  It has 20 grams of fat (of which 20% is saturated, and 50% is mono-unsaturated), 160 mg of sodium, and has around 300 calories.  Pacific salmon also has some vitamin D, and if canned, is a source of calcium since the bones are edible. 

There are many species around the world.  Salmon is a cold water fish so it is found around the northern coasts of the United States, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and Russia. In the United States there is the Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon.  Almost all the Atlantic salmon is now farm raised since the salmon was so over fished.  For a better tasting fish (sorry salmon farmers!) use a Pacific salmon, or one that comes from Scotland, Norway, etc.  The king salmon, also known as the Chinook, is by far the best, however, Coho, or similar is great in a sandwich like this.  No need to spend a lot for this sandwich.

As always, enjoy!

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